Waukegan Harbor AOC Repository

Waukegan Harbor AOC Information Repository

An information repository for the Waukegan Harbor Area of Concern (AOC) is located at the Waukegan Park District. Please contact Bryan Escobar ((847) 360-4745at the park district for access to the repository.

The information repository is a records storage area that contains studies, reports and other documents produced as part of the work to clean up the Waukegan Harbor AOC and nearby contaminated sites. The information repository provides people the opportunity to research the history of remediation sites including the initial research, findings, laws, decisions, agreements and plans governing their cleanup. Information in the repository can be copied but can not be borrowed from the library.

To view or download a listing of the materials available at the information repository, please use the following link:

Waukegan Harbor AOC Information Repository Catalogue (PDF Format)

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