CAG Monthly Meeting

This month the meeting will  held at the Jack Benny Center at Bowen Park

  • Monty and Rose – The piping plovers that tried Waukegan first but moved to Montrose Harbor and successfully nested.
    Presented by Bob Dolgan, Filmmaker
    See website for reserved free ticket registration!
    Showing at 7:00 PM
  • Lake Michigan Watershed Plan – Status on CAG feedback
  • Great Lakes Now 
    Overview of 2019 Great Lakes Events – Interesting site you may like
    From Detroit Public TV and others

CAG Monthly Meeting

  • Lake Michigan Watershed Plan
    Lake County Stormwater Management Commission, Presented by Mike Prusila
    o Big picture overview and goals
    o SMC is looking for feedback from stakeholders on flood problems in areas within the Waukegan Lakefront area of the Lake Michigan watershed
  •  Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association (GLASA)
    Presented by Cindy Housner, Executive Director
    o Overview of the mission and goals of GLASA
    o Program ideas for ADA kayaking and canoeing in Waukegan Harbor
    o Small but important upgrades needed for the new Waukegan Harbor ADA kayak/canoe launch
  •  Oak Ecosystem Recovery Program – Chicago Wilderness and Morton Arboretum
    o Quick overview of two 2019 Oaktober Events
    o Ideas how to carry program into Waukegan Harbor Area of Concern and Extended Area of Concern with our many partners.

CAG Monthly Meeting

  • Waukegan Lakefront History – story mapping short videos

    • Prepared by 8th and 9th grade Cool Learning Experience students in summer 2019
    • Presented by Barbara Waller
  • Waukegan Harbor Citizens’ Advisory Group (CAG)
    • Working breakout session to develop the content chapters for our big story mapping project covering the history and projects of the Waukegan Harbor CAG since its formation in August of 1990 to present.
    • This will provide a written, an oral and a photographic record of why and how the Waukegan Harbor CAG was formed, the agencies involved and their missions, and all the steps, actions and projects which have been taken by all Waukegan Harbor CAG partners over the past 29 years to bring the Waukegan Harbor Area of Concern and Extended Area of Concern to its current remediation level.
  • Audubon Great Lakes – National Audubon Climate Change Report
  • Update: USACE Waukegan Harbor Dredging Project
    • Outer Harbor proposed sand placement – Environmental Assessment Status
    • Letter from Eugene Fleming, Chief, Environmental Formulation and Analysis Section, USACE – Chicago District

CAG Monthly Meeting

 Fish tissue monitoring – Danielle Nelson, Illinois State Geology Survey, IDNR

    • Last season’s monitoring results are in!
    • Let’s hope for good news!

Great Lakes Now – Where is the PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) in your water supply?

    •  Video presentation from Detroit Public Television

ARC GIS Story Mapping

    • Waukegan lakefront, and Dead River and Waukegan River Watershed history from inception to present. Following last month’s well received overview on how to create an ARC GIS maps to meet your areas’ needs – we are now gathering all the ideas for themes.
    • Please help develop the choices of the historical story themes of the Waukegan area lakefront.

 W.G. Jackson research ship visit to Waukegan Harbor

    • July 8 through 12, 2019
    • Local watershed issues to be tied into this year’s program.
    • Requests taken now for a space on one of the three daily, hands-on participation, research tours.

Lake County Audubon Society meeting

The Lake County Audubon Society meeting will feature Beau Schaefer’s program: “Why I Like Doing Big Days”.

After 5 years of monthly Big Days, Beau has learned a lot about birds and himself. He will share those things as well as discuss his basic Big Day route and some of the highlights of past Big Days including the Lake County record of 164 in 2016.

Beau is in his 32nd year as an Honors Biology and Human Genetics teacher at Libertyville High School. He has a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Lawrence University in Appleton, WI and a Master’s in Biology from Northeastern IL University in Chicago. Beau began birding around 9 or 10 after he saw a Blackburnian Warbler in his yard one day and then his parents bought him the Golden Guide to Birds of North America which he memorized. Beau did not really start serious listing until 2008 after he finished his baseball coaching career at the high school. Since then, however, birding has been his favorite activity and as a former competitive college athlete, he really enjoys the competitive aspects of birding. Beau has done Big Years, Big Months, and Big Days and has learned a lot doing all of these. His ABA List is 521, Illinois: 326, and Lake County: 305. Beau’s previous speaking experience includes 2016 as a breakout speaker at The Birding America Conference in Chicago, and his “13 Things I Learned Doing Big Days” article was published in Feb, 2016 in Birdwatching Magazine.

Under a new policy developed by the Village, doors will be open at 7:15 for attendees and will lock at 7:45, so please be prompt. Children are welcome to attend.

Waukegan Harbor CAG Meeting – Please Note Venue Change

Venue Change – The Meeting will be held in the Jack Benny Center at Bowen Park


Waukegan Harbor Fish testing contaminant level report

  •  Danielle Green, IDNR Coastal Zone

May 5, 2018 – Bowen Park – Council Circle Dedication & Smudging Ceremony

  • Dennis Downes and Native Americans
  • Waukegan Park District is providing 18 nice Oak trees to be planted.
  • Full details and planting procedure to be overviewed at the meeting.
  • This is a community-wide event.

Note: Dennis will also have a small exhibit of his art work and one of his bronze Trail Marker Tree sculptures in the Jack Benny Center theater for the public to view.

Full Lakefront Cleanup – Sunday, April 22, 2018

8 a.m. to noon

  • Waukegan Harbor CAG to manage the Waukegan Dunes part of the Lakefront Cleanup
  • Special help needed to extract unwanted larger material from the wetland areas and get it carefully out to the three Sea Horse Drive pickup sites
  • There are many acres of dunal area to walk for trash cleanup and a nice opportunity to observe the dunes awakening after a long cold winter and spring, migrating birds, too!
  • Bonus: See the new Waukegan Harbor CAG office in the Jack Benny Center – it is a larger room and easier to use our largess of educational information and tools

Update Illinois Coastal Advisory Group Meeting

  • Tom Chefalo